If you were looking how to create hotmail account, you have come to the right place because in this article, we will show step by step how to do it.

Create Hotmail Account - Hotmail.com

First, you must access from your web browser to www.hotmail.com. In this window you will see the option to enter your username and password, and if you look below this you get the option to register a new account. By clicking on “Register Now” you will access the registration form.
This form is very simple to use: you’ll have to fill in some personal information about yourself (name, surname, date of birth, gender and address) as well as choose a user name for Hotmail address and a password. It is important to mention that you can choose the extension you prefer: Hotmail.com, live.com or Outlook.com, since all three are owned by Microsoft and used to access to all the services they offer.
After this, you will be asked to complete the security settings, just in case you ever lose your password. There are three of them and you must choose two: a phone number to receive SMS, an alternative email address and a security question. Once this is complete, just click OK to finish create Hotmail account.