If you want to carry out a hotmail sign in, just follow the below steps, you’ll see that is a simpler process than you thought.

Hotmail Sign In - Hotmail.com

First, you must access to the hotmail sign in form. This can find it at www.hotmail.com or  www.outlook.com, because since Microsoft merged these two services, both links lead to the same website. On this page, you must click on the link named “Sign up now”.
This link will take you to the registration of new hotmail accounts. You must fill in with your personal details, which may be fake or real, but we recommend that if you use this email for important things (work, studies, etc.) choose real data.
Besides your personal data, you must choose your nickname, the type of extension you want for your email address (Hotmail.com, Live.com or Outlook.com), password, and 2 of the 3 options offered to retrieve your password, if forgotten, or hacking.
Having done all this, you just have to press the OK button, and you’ve already made ​​your hotmail sign in successfully. What has been easier than you expected?