Outlook account comes with an outstanding features and is known for the best modern email service. Although it is one of the best email services available in the globe right now many user choose to deactivate or close their hotmail email account permanently. The reason behind it might be due to excessive spam messages or someone else having access to their account.

How to Delete Hotmail Account Permanently?

As far as I’m concerned I recommend not to delete hotmail account because once you delete hotmail email your email address will be available to any new user that signs up for this service also you won’t to sign in to any of Microsoft’s services. That being said if you anyhow choose to delete hotmail login account then follow these simple steps given below.

Simple Guidelines to Delete Hotmail account Permanently

Here we’ll discuss on the topic delete or close hotmail account permanently because recently I see people having trouble on how to delete hotmail account. The first thing that is required to even get started to this process is, you should have access to that specific email account you have to close. So these are the steps to close your WIndows Live account.
  1. Login to Email account.
  2. Select your account name which is on top right of your screen.
  3. Select Account Settings.
  4. Select Security and Privacy.
  5. Now Click on More security settings under Account security.
  6. On the bottom of the page you’ll find Close my account. Select it.
  7. Click Next. Then mark everything details and give a specific why you want to close your account, then simply Select ‘Mark account for closure’

Points to be noted

  • After you delete hotmail account your email address will be available to new users signing up for Microsoft account.
  • You no longer can access to any of Microsoft’s services.
  • You will lose every contacts from your messenger and Hotmail Contacts itself.
  • You won’t be able to use MSN Login resulting you won’t be getting any news etc.
After you complete all the steps on delete hotmail account you can still access to your Hotmail email account for up to 60 days. But if you Login to your email account during those 60 days your account closure will be cancelled. So if you want to permanently close your account do not sign in after you follow email account closure process.