It is important for a user to delete their email messages in order to keep their inbox clean and easy to access. As we are all familiar with the junk, scams, spams email messages we get on our email account we know that it is necessary to delete hotmail email messages. is the best email service provider compared to other email services in every aspect. While deleting your email messages, Outlook provides a special service called Sweep emails, which I have to say is quite user friendly. The spam emails we get is quite annoying and to be honest it is better to keep your Inbox clean.

Easiest way to Delete Hotmail Emails

You can delete your email messages in many different ways. Hotmail email login provides a user with versatile options while it comes to new services. So, the first way to delete an email is just by pointing your mouse cursor to that particular you want delete, then select the trash icon. The other way is by going through the message itself then select delete which will be on top of the email itself. Well, this is a simple way to delete messages but here’s how you delete hotmail email in a modernized way automatically. You don’t need to bother deleting email time and again.

How to Sweep Emails?

Follow these simple steps in order to sweep you hotmail login email.
  • Open a particular email from your Inbox you want to sweep.
  • On this picture you can see Sweep above the email. Select sweep.
  • Now Select your desired option.
  • Select Sweep.
Sweeping your email helps you in a various ways because it saves your time and effort. Now you don’t need to continuously delete your email from your Inbox because this feature automatically deletes your email.
This new and modernized feature is designed to clean your inbox as for your wish. The junk, spam mails you get now can be cleaned meaning your inbox will be tidy from now on-wards. The spam messages can be automatically deleted through this feature because this is an automatic service and a user don’t need to bother clean the inbox from time and again. Some people choose to keep their email for future reference but I recommend you guys to use another username or secondary email address for such cases. Here’s how you use Hotmail Alias account.
Cleaning your Inbox not only makes your email browser smooth but also improves your computer’s OS better. Among-st the many advantages the most important one is it saves human time. So, I’d recommend you guys to clean your homtail login Inbox email more often.