Hotmail is one of the popular email platforms used globally, so you may be thinking of sign up hotmail.
This process is very simple and can be done in a few steps. To start, enter this website Once there, the form appears to enter the mail which are already registered, and below it is the option to sign up Hotmail.

Sign up hotmail -

For the registration, it requires some user data, such as date of birth, name and surname, or country of residence. We must also choose a user name that is free for the email address, which will be as follows:, by changing the word example for a user’s name. You can choose from, or, the one you prefer. The most common names are already taken, because as we have said Hotmail is a service used by millions of people, so you will have to combine name and surname, put numbers, etc. If you can not think any do not worry, because Hotmail will give you several options.
Finally, you will have to enter some of the security forms to recover your password, if you forget it. You can choose a phone number, in which will be sent the password, an alternate email address or a security question, which only you will know the answer.